Monday, January 21, 2008

What's happening in class?

I hope everyone enjoyed having a day off from school to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday!

This week in language arts, we will continue the 1960's unit. On Tuesday, January 22nd, I will be explaining the role-playing debates, and discussing the 5 hot-button topics students will be debating. Each student will have the opportunity to rank his or her preference of the role he or she would like to play, and all students will also be able to rank which topics they would like to research.

Roles for each debate include:

***2 opposing characters, presenting opposite views of a given topic using reasoning skills and facts...
***1 moderator, running and contolling the debate, making sure each character has an equal opportunity to share his or her oppinion, backed up with facts...
***1-2 reporters, asking questions, and challenging answers during and after the debate.

The debate topics are below:

1. Women's Issues (stay at home mom versus women's rights advocate)
2. The Vietnam War (Vietnam vet versus war protester)
3. The Counter Culture (generation gap-parent versus hippie)
4. The 1968 Democratic Convention (Mayor Daley versus Tom Hayden)
5. The Space Race (astronaut versus social worker)

***In language arts, we will also have a 1960's test, based on the three informational videos viewed in class last week. A study guide will be provided on Tuesday, and the test will be on Friday.

In reading, we will continue reading and discussing the novel, Monster.

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