Friday, March 7, 2008

What's happening in class?


***The school wide focus the week of March 10th through March 13th will be ISAT testing.

My 8th grade L.A. and reading students have been working exra hard to prepare for this statewide test. *****Here's to doing an EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Due to testing, we will be working on an altered schedule, which means I will meet with only select classes each day. Therefore, though all my students will be accomplishing the same tasks this week, they will be doing so on different days.

In L.A. this week, we will be working on and grading Wordskills, unit 12.

In reading, we will be starting my favorite play, Romeo and Juliet!! This Shakespearian play has it all: LOVE! ROMANCE! DECEPTION! INTRIGUE! DESTRUCTION! DEATH! and HOPE!

We will be reading the modern version of the play, but I will be hi-lighting famous quotes in Shakespeare's language, and students will eventually be memorizing and performing these quotes.

The Romeo and Juliet unit will include the reading of the entire play out loud, with students choosing new parts each day, and indepth discussion of the play, including plot analysis, and character motivation.

Throughout the play, we will be noting similarities and differences between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. The unit will also consist of ACT 1 through ACT 5 quizzes, and a final comprehensive test.

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