Friday, April 4, 2008

What's happening in class?

The week of April 7th is going to be a busy one!

This week in language arts, we will be working on Wordskills unit 14. I will introduce the unit on Monday, and the quiz and book for the unit will be due on Friday, April 11th.

On Tuesday, I will be introducing the requirements for this year's persuasive speech. Students will receive a detailed requirement sheet and an abundant list of speech topic suggestions.

On Wednesday, students will be selecting speech topics and writing thesis statements for their speeches.

On Thursday, students will write their contoversies and pre-plan their 3-4 main sections/arguments.

***We will be researching for speech information the week of April 14th and organizing outlines the week of April 21st.

***Speeches begin on Monday, April 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!

(AR book report quizzes are due on Monday, April 7th!!!!!!)

In reading class, we will continue to read and discuss Romeo and Juliet. Our focus this week will be on Act III, and we will have a quiz on Act III on Thursday.

Students' grades were excellent on the Acts I and II quiz, so I have high hopes for a continuing trend!

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