Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****I hope everyone had a great summer! I spent my summer moving into a new house and making it a home. It's been exciting and exhausting and I've loved every minute of it. :)

Additionally, I took an interesting class at C.O.D. , traveled, played some golf and spent time with family and friends.

Now I'm looking forward to starting a new year with the new 8th graders!

All of my classes will experience individual, as well as group learning, participate in discussions, and further develop reading, writing, speaking and thinking skills. Our ultimate goal is to prepare your child for high school, making the transition from 8th grade L.A. and reading to freshmen English, a smooth and successful one.

Below are the eighth grade language arts and reading texts and workbooks:

English - Houghton Mifflin
English workbook plus - Houghton Mifflin
The Language of Literature - McDougal, Littell
ISAT Coach (ISAT test practice) - Triumph Learning

***This year in reading, we will be doing novel studies, a short story unit, poetry, mythology, drama, ISAT test preparation, vocabulary development, and book reports.

***This year in L.A., we will be doing speeches, debates, grammar, sentence structure, usage, subject-verb agreement and A LOT of writing!

Here's to a fun, challenging year!!!

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