Monday, December 15, 2008

What's happening in class?

It's the last week before Christmas break!

This week in language arts, we will be finishing debates. So far, there have been some very good debates! Overall, students have worked hard, and that hard work has turned into some interesting, educational entertainment. I hope this week's final debates continue to impress!

As a culminating activity, students are writing reflective poems about the 1960's. They may select their own topic(s) pertaining to the 1960's, and their poem may be rhyming or free verse. We will be presenting these poems in class on Tuesday, December 16th.

Additionally, on Thursday of this week, I will be going through high school registration. I will pass out DGS registration guides, and explain the packet information each student will be receiving in the mail over break.

This week in reading, we will continue with The Outsiders.

Dally has just come to the church to see Ponyboy and Johnny, with news that there is a planned greaser against soc rumble the following day, and that Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for them!

Thursday will be the first quiz in this novel unit. It will cover the plot, characters and vocabulary in chapters 1-5. It will be worth 40 points.

Have a fantastic break! Be safe and enjoy yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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