Sunday, April 12, 2009

What's happening in class?

I hope all of you had a very nice Easter!

The week of April 13th-April 17th will be a busy one!

In L.A. we will kick off the second half of our poetry unit. Students will be using their creativity and talent to put together a theme portfolio, consisting of original poetry, a short story excerpt, song lyrics, published poetry, and a quote all focused on a theme of their choice. Students will be analyzing all of their selections, connecting them to their theme and to them personally. Students will be given 5 days in class to work on their portfolios.

***This assignment has always proven to be a favorite of mine and students alike, since it allows students flexibility and allows their unique personalities to shine. The portfolio requirements are listed below:


***Your theme portfolio will be based on a theme which you chose. Everything in your portfolio will be a reflection of that theme and how it relates to you. This is meant to be a personal, reflective project.

****This assignment will be due on Tuesday, April 21st, and will be worth 130 points.
You must include the following in your portfolio:

1. A cover which includes your theme and your name
2. A formal introduction of at least 200 words which explains why you chose your theme, how it relates to you, and what you hope to accomplish through this project.
3. A table of contents which organizes your entries
4. At least two poems you have selected from a published author
5. At least two original poems you have written
6. At least one slogan (original or published)
7. The lyrics from at least one song
8. A literary excerpt (short story or novel)
9. An analysis of each entry explaining why you chose it, how it relates to the theme, and in turn, how it relates to you
10. A formal closing of at least 200 words which explains your feelings about your portfolio, and what you think you accomplished through doing the project
11. A bibliography including each borrowed piece of literature or music

***This project should be FREE OF ERRORS, attractive, professional looking, and must be typed. ( If computers are available, some class time will be designated for this).

In reading, we will continue reading and discussing Romeo and Juliet. The Act III quiz will be on Monday, and we should finish Act IV by the end of the week.

***Poor Romeo and Juliet are in dire straights. Romeo has been banished from Verona for killing Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, and Capulet has promised Paris he can now marry Juliet! Oh no! Stay tuned to see if the Friar can help them survive these circumstances, or if their fate is already sealed................

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