Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's Happening in Class?

WOW! The 1960's debates are off to a great start!

The debates started last Friday, and I was impressed with many of the students' performances. There were some pretty challenging roles, and most handled them with grace and spunk! Grades are now posted if you want to see your point totals!

This week in language arts, in addition to performing debates, we will be focusing on several lessons from the ISAT Coach workbook, and we will be working on a 1960's culminating activity which requires students to develop an original piece of work based on the information gained during the unit. Explanation of the assignment is below:

Write an original poem revealing a personal point of view of the 1960's. Select from the given topics on your assignment sheet, or choose one of your own, equal to those suggested. Your poem must be at least 16 lines in length and may rhyme or be free verse. ***If you choose to write a rhyming poem, make sure it doesn't come across as silly or insincere.

We will then be sharing these poems in class and displaying them in the hallways for everyone to enjoy. I will also post a selected few on my blog!

This week in reading, in addition to performing debates, we will be selecting a new book report book (free choice fiction).

We will also continue to read and discuss the thought-provoking novel, Monster. Steve's future still lies in the balance. Based on the testimonies of several people, it does not look too promising for him. Stay tuned to see if his defense attorney can turn things around!

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