Thursday, September 18, 2008

Story Board Book Report requirements and rubric - 40 pts.

********The purpose of this assignment is to tell the plot of your book through pictures.

1. Number 1 - 8 on a piece of paper. Write down, in order of occurrence, the 7 or 8 most important events that take place in your book.

2. Leaving space for the title of your book and the author's name, (which you will need to include somewhere on your poster board), divide your poster board into 7 or 8 squares, to match the number of important events you've chosen to share.

3. Now draw your story's plot, using the squares to tell your story. Color your pictures. ****Under each picture, write a brief explanation of your picture. (Explain what's happening in your picture) These short explanations should be in final draft form.

4. Since you won't be able to tell your entire story through your poster board, (you will just be focusing on the main events from beginning to end) you also need to write ( in final draft form) a complete one page summary of your book, which you will give me the day you present your book report.

5. On Monday, September 22nd, we will begin oral presentations of the poster boards. Your grade will also include your speaking skills. Remember to speak clearly, loudly enough for all to hear, and slowly enough so we can follow along and understand what you are saying. Eye contact is also very important! Please practice your presentation before class.


Explanation of novel plot (detail, clarity) 10 pts.______

Pictures telling story 10 pts.______
(neat, detailed, colored
and blurbs in final draft)

Delivery (enthusiastic, good eye contact) 10 pts. ______

Story summary in written form (final draft) 10pts. ______

40 pts.

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