Monday, September 22, 2008

What's happening in class?

The week of September 22nd will be a busy one!

In language arts, students will be creating their first narrative essays of the year. After looking at sample essays, discussing topic ideas, and planning their papers, students will be creating their own original stories. Rough draft essays will be due next Thursday, October 2nd.

In reading, we will begin sharing poster board book reports in class today! I'm anxious to see the final projects!

This Friday, students will be showcasing their knowledge via the short story final test. They have been doing an excellent job throughout this unit. Students will receive a final review and have two days to prepare for the test.

***This Friday students will also be going on a golf field trip, with an opportunity to try their hands at the golf range, miniture golf, or the challenging 3 par course.!!

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