Monday, February 9, 2009

What's happening in class?

I hope high school registration at DGS went smoothly for everyone! :)

In language arts this week we will be focusing on the exciting world of capitalization and punctuation! :) Daily instruction and in class practice will lead to demonstrating mastery through individual practice, and an end of the unit quiz.

In reading, students will receive back their "Flowers for Algernon" quizzes. Students did a very good job on the quiz overall, and their opinion based, reason supported writing was the best I've seen on a test this year! Students were asked whether or not Charlie (the main character) should have had the operation he did to triple his intelligence. Some felt it was the wrong thing for Charlie to do, but the majority of students felt the opportunity for Charlie to experience life as a genius, though tough at times, and only temporary, was worth it!

This week we'll be switching gears and starting a new unit in poetry. Students will be analyzing poetry, as well as trying their hands at writing poetry as well. Do I have any budding poets in class? We'll soon find out the answer to that question............................

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