Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's happening in class?

***I hope everyone enjoyed his or her day off in celebration of Presidents' Day!

In language arts, we will be delving into the exciting world of adjectives and adverbs! Students will be reviewing and practicing using these two modifiers correctly in order to add description and clarity to their writing.

In reading, we will continue and finish the poetry unit we began last week. Students will have a final unit test on Friday which will challenge them to identify poetic terms, match poems with their themes, demonstrate their knowledge of a rhyme scheme, and analyze a given poem.

Below you will find student sample poems based on the poem, "Moco Limping."

"Jonathon" by Ashley M.

When I found out I was

getting a baby brother,
I saw many wonderful
things that could happen.
I’d now have a playmate
wherever I went. We’d be
best friends and share
everything we had. We’d
have secrets that no one
else would know. We’d be
open to each other and say
everything that is on our
minds. But as he grew, my
hopes started to wither away.
We’d start to fight for every
little reason. He’d spill out
every other secret I possessed.
He’d take things without my
knowledge. He’d embarrass me
every chance he got. But at the
end of the day, I always realize
that he’s the only one who
truly makes me happy and smile.
I’m glad that he’s my baby brother.

"Lucky Dog" By: Jessica L.

I always imagined having
a dog that will play fetch
and return the ball right
into my hands.
I wanted him to dive into

the pond with me and swim.
I wanted him to be just like

"Lucky", from 101 Dalmatians.
That dog was brave, cool and

could talk.
But instead my dog plays fetch,

but never returns the ball.
He hates water, and goes into

hysterics when the tip of his
paw steps near a puddle.
He’s clumsy, and gets envious.
He pretends he is human and

shows his feelings, too.
Although he doesn’t talk like

"Lucky" my dog still has the
brave, cool thing I imagined
he would.
He fits me like a pair of shoes.
He is like myself in dog form;

clumsy, funny, loving.
He’s my partner in crime

and I don’t have the slightest
clue on what I would do without
him by my side.

“My Sister” by Nicole L.

I wish I had a perfect sister.
One that would listen to
everything I would say.
One that would do favors
for me when I asked
politely. A sister that
would always be nice
to me and didn’t answer
rudely for everything I asked.
A sister that would never go
through my things and would respect me.
This would be the
ideal sister.
Instead I have an annoying,
computer hogging, back
talking sister. A sister that goes
through my things and never listens.
I have a sister that makes fun of
me for every little thing I do and
never lets me forget. A sister who
always wants to be the center of attention.
She’s annoying, rude and I just can’t
stand her.
Like I said, I have an annoying, computer hogging,
back talking sister, that I love. When she
truly listens to me things change. Sometimes
I feel that we are friends and not sisters.
Without her things just wouldn’t be the same.

“Matthew”by Kristy L.
I could only imagine
how many of my chores
could be done for me.
I wanted the perfect little
brother who never got
me in trouble.
He would be the cute,
understanding, sympathetic
kid who listened to
everything that I would say.
I wanted him to never
throw a fight or take
my stuff. I wanted him to be
nice, cooperate and act like
a mature child. But instead I
got an eight year old brother
who sometimes drives me
insane. He is loud and
obnoxious and runs around
like a mad man. He always
picks a fight, and I constantly
find my things being taken
and misplaced.
He cries or complains
when he doesn’t get his way or
when people don’t listen to him.
Although he drives me crazy
sometimes, he makes me
realize how much I would
dislike my life as an only child.
He looks up to me and asks
me for advice and he is
extremely caring and kind at
times. And then he looks up at me
with those big puppy dog eyes
and his cute face, and I realize
he is my only little
brother, and I can’t help
but hug him.

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