Saturday, October 13, 2007

Narrative Essay #3

By Keaton

"HUT!” Shane heard someone shout. He started to back up from what looked like giants. He looked down and he had a ball in his hand. He looked around and he was in a stadium of some sort. He looked to his right and there was someone in a headset yelling at him. He looked forward and… BOOM!!!! He was down.
Shane stood up and realized that he was the quarterback in the Super Bowl. He had zoned out for a second and forgotten where he was. The excitement must have overwhelmed him, but it was all coming back to him. He was the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He became the starter when the Bears dropped Rex Grossman, which was a smart move, since Shane and the quarterback behind him were way better than Grossman.
“Shane, are you ok?” asked one of his lineman as he helped him up.
“What happened?” asked Shane.
“You got hit so hard, I thought you got knocked back into yesterday,” said his lineman.
Shane looked up at the scoreboard. It said Bears 0 Patriots 0, with 14:37 left in the first quarter, 2nd down and 15, and the Bear’s ball on their 19.
“Hut!” yelled Shane. He dropped back, stopped, and threw a 15 yard pass. The ball was now on the 34 yard line. During the next two plays, he handed the ball off to Cedric Benson, and he had gotten the ball to their 47 yard line
“Hut!” yelled Shane again. This time, though, the Patriots had blitzed. Shane dodged Patriot after Patriot, but finally he ran toward the sideline and threw a pass to a wide open Bernard Berrian. Berrian dove into the end zone, stretched out as far as he could, and caught it one handed. The referee raised both arms, signaling a touchdown. Everybody went crazy and was happy. Shane, getting high fives, walked back to the sideline.
By halftime, the score was tied at 7. The Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, had thrown a 20 yard touchdown to Randy Moss in the second quarter, tying the game. In the locker room the Bears head coach, Lovie Smith, was giving his halftime speech.
After, the Bears went back on the field not knowing what would happen later…
It was the 4th quarter, and there was 1:10 left in the game. The Patriots had the ball on the Bears 20 yard line. The Patriots drove the ball to the 10 yard line with 25 seconds left in the game. Tom Brady dropped back to pass, threw it over the middle, and Brian Urlacher picked it off! He ran it back to the Bears 40 yard line. He got hit before he could run out of bounds, so the Bears had to use their last time out to stop the clock at ten seconds.
The Bears had time for only one last play. Shane lined up and got ready. “Hut!” he yelled. He dropped back and rolled to his right. He saw Devin Hester down field and just before he got tackled, he threw a deep pass to him. It seemed like the ball stayed in the air forever. Shane saw the ball hit off Hester’s hands, but then Hester dove and caught it in the end zone. The Bears had won!
After the game, hundreds of reporters asked him the same question, “What are you going to do now?”
“I’m going to, going to, going to school?”
“Yes, Shane. It’s Wednesday morning. You have to go to school. Get up or you’ll be late”

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