Saturday, October 13, 2007

Narrative Essay #2

The Red-tailed Tale
By Greg

“Ah, the woods, so peaceful and quiet,” James said. “Let’s pause and appreciate its beauty, Kyle.” The boys hear ominous roars, birds chirping, and a chainsaw chopping down a large evergreen tree.
“Yeah, really peaceful,” Kyle said sarcastically. Kyle and James have been friends since the first grade. Even though they really are best friends, they don’t like to say it because they think it sounds girly. These so called Men are camping in the woods for the weekend: if you call living in a cabin with wool couches, indoor pluming, and an HDTV camping. James has always been the funny guy while Kyle is more serious. They tend to even each other out.
On their way to the cabin, the boys spot a deer. While Kyle looks through his backpack to find his camera, James decides to catch it as a pet. There was a thud and Kyle looked up. He saw the deer running away and James wrapped up in his net, struggling on the ground. As Kyle watches, the deer run away, he sees that the deer had a red tail, all while James is still on the ground. “A red tail?” Kyle asked puzzled. As he wonders about it, Kyle steps over James and walks away.
“H- Hey! Where are you going? Ugh! Get back here and help me!”
While in the cabin, Kyle is making Mac and Cheese in the microwave. Real outdoors men, right? He was watching cartoons on the big screen, when in comes James who was covered with leaves, branches, and what he hopes is mud.
“Thanks for the help,” James said sarcastically.
“That was your own fault,” Kyle reacted. “Now shut-up, I’m watching this,” he said with his mouth stuffed with cheese and pasta.
“What are you watching?” James asked. “Oh, SpongeBob, Big macho man. Why don’t we watch baseball or something?”
“Nothing’s on, it’s just news,” Kyle remarked.
“I don’t believe you, change the channel,” James demanded.
“Alright then, I will change it,” Kyle said all sure of himself.
“Click. Click. Click.”
“See, just news. I win,” Kyle said with his hollow victory.
“Yeah, way to go,” James said while sitting down.
While enjoying his Amazing accomplishment, Kyle overheard the reporter talking about a red-tailed deer. He was talking to a hunter. The hunter said that the red-tailed deer’s blood gives someone the ability to live forever!
The boys, jaws open, immediately started to scream. Kyle was screaming because of the fact that there was a hunter in the woods that would kill anybody to get to the deer. James was screaming because Kyle was screaming right in his ear. Once out of breath, Kyle began to explain his thoughts to James. James wanted to find and sell the deer.
“No,” yelled Kyle, “we have to put it in the zoo.”
“Well, whatever we do, we have to catch that deer,” James explained.
James and Kyle set out on their hike to find the red-tailed deer. For hours and hours, they were out on their dedicated and dangerous journey.
“What was that?” James asked after hearing a strange sound.
“That was a squirrel… again,” Kyle said, now irritated. While in the woods, the boys began to get tired and hungry.
“Let’s go back,” James suggested. “I can’t stand hiking,” he began to whine.
“It’s a good thing that we came to the woods than,” Kyle said sarcastically. “We’ll just stay out for a few more minutes.”
“You said that an hour ago,” James said with anger. “I’m going back.”
“No, we have to stay together,” explained Kyle.
While on the road, they saw headlights and turned back. Knowing it was the hunter, the boys looked around for the deer.
“There it is!” James exclaimed. They saw the hunter go right for it. While running after the car, they heard a thud. As the hunter stepped out, Kyle went to help the deer, while James went after the hunter. To help James, Kyle got out his camera, flashed a shot, and stunned the dangerous man. While James tied up the hunter, Kyle called the police.
“I still think we should have sold it,” James said at the zoo. The majestic animal has brought in enough tourism to put every other zoo out of business. While watching the deer, Kyle felt some sort of gratitude, from the deer. This was going to be his one, silent victory.
“Yeah, we Really should have.”

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