Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Original Student Myths:

How Tornados Came to Be
Rachel C.
One day, Windius, the goddess of wind got very bored. She heard about taking a dance class from a friend. So she signed up and attended her class. During the class, they started to work on turns. Excited, Windius began to practice. Whenever Windius moved, the wind blew. So, while she was spinning, the wind began to pick up speed. Since Windius was so excited and hyper, she started to spin a lot and loose control. The wind started to form into a funnel as Windius was spinning. The wind gained speed as Windius kept on spinning. Suddenly, with a big gust of wind, a tornado was formed. It destroyed almost everything in its path. When Windius gained control of herself and stopped, the tornado vanished. Zeus found out what she had done and banned her from dancing. But Windius loved to dance. So she decided that she would secretly dance while Zeus was dealing with the other problems. Every couple weeks, maybe months, Windius would practice her super cool dance moves. And whenever she tried the turns, she would get out of control and cause another tornado.

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