Friday, December 7, 2007

What's Happening in class?

The week of December 10th will be action packed!

In language arts, we will be working on Wordskills unit 8. The unit will be due on Friday.

We will also be writing original myths. What seemingly unexplainable occurance would you like to explain? Do you know the real reason there is thunder? Are the gods and goddesses actually having a fierce bowling competion on Mount Olympus? Students will have a chance to tell their version of why something really is the way it is when they write original myths and share them with the class on Friday. I will be posting some interesting ones next week. Check back and check them out!!

In reading, we will be taking the mythology packet quiz on Monday! It will be worth 35 points, and cover the 4 myths covered in class. A study guide, which includes everything students need to know to do well on the quiz, was handed out and gone over in class today. (Friday, December 7th)

On Tuesday, December 11th, I will be explaining and showing examples of the magazine book report which will be due on Thursday, December 13th. Students will all receive a copy of the book report requirements, and I will also be posting the book report requirements Tuesday afternoon if you'd like to see them!

***Only two weeks left before winter break!!!!!! :)

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