Monday, October 27, 2008

Here are some great CHOICE essays!!

Grace G.
The Music Man Tryouts

Last year, my friends and I were talking about joining the school play. When we heard that it was a musical, we were a little uncertain because we didn’t know if we would have to do solos (which we didn’t really want to do).

On the first day of Drama club, I decided to go. It was a lot of fun because we played a bunch of crazy games. Then later we learned the steps for a really fun song and we learned how to sing three different songs. It was a little hard to memorize but in the end we got it. At the tryouts, we would sing one song and dance the steps to another song. Three of my friends and I all signed up to try out the same day.

The whole day long, the songs were stuck in my head and I was really nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach all day long. When school was over I got my music from my locker and practiced with my friends until it was our turn. When they called our names, we went into the room. I could tell we were very anxious. We all did the dance together and I thought we did it pretty well. Next we all had to sing a song on our own. That was really nerve-wracking.

After our tryouts were over, I was relieved! I thought I did pretty well. I was confident I would get a good part. That night I couldn’t sleep I was so nervous. The next day the cast list went up. I fought my way to the crowd to see who I was going to be. I didn’t get a big part, but I did end up with a great part and had so much fun during all of the practices and the performances. I can’t believe I actually doubted signing up!

In the end I was really glad I decided to try out because I had a blast. I had so much fun on stage and backstage! I learned that if you are unsure about something, you should just try it to see if you like it. You might learn to love it! I’m sure I’ll try out for the play this year too!

John B.
Basketball Traveling Team

It was in the fall of 4th grade that I had a decision to make. My dad told me there were going to be tryouts for the Downers Grove Nomads traveling basketball team. They are one of the more elite travel basketball programs in the area for most age groups. We talked about how I should maybe go to the tryouts since I liked basketball so much and how it could be good to get on a good team like that. I wasn’t really sure at the time.

During the week my dad was encouraging me to maybe try out for the team on Saturday and Sunday night of the upcoming weekend. We talked about it for a little while and then we decided that I would go and see what happens even though I wasn't really sure I should. When Saturday came, I got ready for the tryouts and left with my dad at about 6:30 to be on time for the tryout which was 7:00 to 8:30 P.M.

I was pretty nervous when I got there because it was my first time tryout out for a traveling basketball team. I just put on my basketball shoes and shot around for a few minutes to get loose and warm. The head coach then called us over and said a few things and told us our parents had to fill out a form with our information on it. After that, we started to do some drills that consisted of ball handling, shooting, passing, etc. to show some of our skills. We then scrimmaged against each other on teams near the end of the tryout. After it was over I had thought I did pretty well and the coach asked me to come back tomorrow as he did for the rest of the kids that he was interested in making the team.

On Sunday, I was very nervous for tryouts later that night. My dad and I left at 6:30 again to get there on time for the tryout at 7:00 P.M. We did some basic drills to get warmed up and then moved to more advanced things till we scrimmaged at the end of the night. Then, the head coach called everyone over and thanked us for coming out and for doing a good job whether we made it or not. He then said he would give our parents a call during the week to let us know if we made it or not.

It was Wednesday when my dad got a call from the head coach and was told that I had made the team along with 9 other kids, that practice started in early October, and that there would be a parent meeting in a few weeks.

I am still on this team today along with 7 other kids that made the team with me that year, and we are all good friends. We have won 7 tournaments and have had a winning record every year. This will be my 5th year on the team this upcoming basketball season. This experience has taught me to not be nervous anymore. I have more confidence in myself now, and I realize that if I put my mind to it, I can do anything.

Tony L.

It was the fall of fourth grade. There was no homework for the day and the bell was going to ring any second. At exactly 2:25 P.M.; the bell rang and I exited the school to get on the bus. I was talking to my friend about what we should do after school on this glorious, fall afternoon. We decided to go to the park with a couple friends and play cherry-cherry.

I got off the bus and dashed home as fast as possible. I got home and threw down my backpack. I was hungry, so I grabbed a quick sandwich which was my afternoon snack. I gobbled that down in less than a minute with a huge cup of milk. Then, dashed to the garage to get my bike to meet my fellow friends at the park.

When I arrived, we had a race to see who could get to the swings first in order to know who will be the person who is “it.” Unfortunately, I was the person so I had to count to thirty and try to find and tag someone with my eyes close. I successfully tagged my friend Kyle which then he had to count to thirty and find one of us. While he was counting, I had a couple of choices of where I could hide. A couple of the choices were on the of the monkey bars, in the tube slide, under the steps, on top of the swings, or just basically run from him.

I decided to climb on top of the monkey bars and hide there where I thought Kyle could not reach. He was right below me and then I started laughing which gave away my position. Following that, I quickly jumped up to try to avoid his tag. I did dodge it, but I slipped and hit my mouth on the bars and I started to cry and bleed severely from my mouth and tooth. At the time, I was panicking and blood was all over the playground. Finally, my friends Alvin and Kevin got their moms and brought me back to my house.

They grabbed a wet towel and put it in my mouth to stop the bleeding and then Mrs. Seelander drove me to the hospital. My parents, aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa arrived at the hospital to give me company while I was waiting for the doctor. Because I was not brought there by an ambulance; I had to wait three to five hours before I got some medical help. The doctor finally entered and I had to get a couple of Novocaine shots and then approximately six to ten stitches. And after a week, two crowns on two of my teeth.

I learned from this experience that going on top of the monkey bars isn't always the best idea. I felt lots of pain from the fall to the shots, to the stitches, to the exposed tooth nerve, to the tooth treatment, and I do not think I will go back on top of the monkey bars forever. Not only do I have great friends to remind me of this incident, but I have a life long scar and crowns to remind me too. So, basically, I know to always play safe and play smart.

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