Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here are some great student narratives!!

By: Krystal B.
"The Tough Choice"

"Are you going to the game, Stacey?" I asked. Of course, Stacey knew I was talking about the big football game everyone
was planning to attend. All of my friends were planning on dressing in our
school colors, green and white, to show our spirit. What I did know was that
almost the whole highschool was going to be there for opening game. But what I
didn't know was that the choice I would be forced to make would affect the rest of
my life.
"Of course I'm going to the football game!" exclaimed Stacey.
I knew she was going to say that, but I didn't want to show up all by
"My mom could drive us to the game," I suggested.
"Great!" agreed Stacey.
The game was on Friday night and it was already Thursday. My mom was
talking to me about the football game in the car ride home from school that day.
She had wanted to know all the little details like any other mom would want to know.
I had no idea how much fun these games were, because it was my first football game
at highschool, being a freshman.
We got home and I started working on my homework. The second I finished
my homework, Stacey called. She wanted to tell me that since her brother was
going to the football game as well, he could drive us home. I agreed, and we hung
up the phone.
For the rest of the night, all I could think about was the football game
and how much fun everyone was saying it would be. When the bell rang at three
o'clock the next day to end school I was excited. I ran to my locker, got my books,
and anxiously rode the bus the whole way home.
Two hours had passed and all I had done was homework. My clock turned five
o'clock and I ran to the garage, got my mom, and hopped in the car to go get Stacey.
When we got back to my house we ran to the bathroom and covered ourselves with green
and white face paint. I remembered while putting the paint on, Stacey's brother was driving us back home. His name was Steve and he was a senior in highschool. He wasn't always the brightest kid
and he always got in trouble. But from what I knew, he was a nice guy.
We got to the game just in time to see all the players walk out onto the
field. From a distance, I saw our friends with their arresting facepaint standing
under the bleachers. I didn't notice who they were talking with, but they looked
like seniors.
"Let's go see what they're up to," yelled Stacey.
We bolted across the field to under the bleachers to find a whole bunch of
kids, I felt stifled inbetween the crowd. I pushed through, with Stacey following
behind, to see Steve and his friends drowning themselves with alcohol.
My jaw dropped when Stacey had the audacity to run up to him and chug down
a drink. I didn't know what to do! All my friends were drinking and I was not
going to let that ruin my future.
"I'm going home!" I screamed over all the noise to Stacey.
She clutched my arm and shoved a drink in my face, trying to get me to
drink it. I pulled away and ran across the street from the highschool. I called my
mom to pick me up and I explained everything to her on our ride home.
The next day at school was not the same. Steve had gotten drunk, but still
drove Stacey and some friends home. Their retribution for drinking resulted in them
getting in a terrible car crash. Eventually, everyone would be okay, but it would
take some time for all their wounds to heal. Right after school I went to the
hospital to see Stacey. All I could think about was how much damage was done, just
from drinking alcohol.

Joseph N.
“Self Discovery”

There was a very wealthy inventor named Terrance O’Larry. He invented a machine that was able to detect when a person was lying. Since he made so much money off his invention, he was able to travel the world. When he began his travels, he had no idea that what he encounters will put him in tremendous peril.
Terrance planned many hours for his trip. He decided he should go somewhere in
Africa. He wanted to go on a safari. He decided to bring his good friend Michael
Dibaggo. Michael and he had been friends since college and they had similar personalities. They loved adventures, were smart and liked to build things. They both agreed that an African safari would be a great vacation.
They bought two tickets for a flight to South Africa. They decided to drive to a village in the northern part of South Africa. They would live there for three weeks with the villagers and a tour guide. What Terrance and Michael did not know was they were being followed by an evil co-worker, who wanted to kidnap Terrance and steal his ideas for his new invention.
As Michael and Terrance started on their tour, they became very good friends with the many tribal people they met along the way. There were several nights they were asked to stay in the huts with the families of the tribes. The tribesmen told Terrance and Michael of their concern of poachers killing the wildlife in Africa and how many of the animals were now endangered.
Terrance had been working on his next invention which was a pill a person could take that allowed him to have a force field around him that would last twenty-four hours. He was hoping the invention would help policemen. The evil inventor whose name is the sinister Dr. Edward wanted to steal this invention. He wanted to sell it to people who would use it for evil also. He was very greedy and wanted to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. He hired poachers to help him capture Terrance.
After one week of being on the safari, Terrance awoke to two gunshots to his leg. He could not move. The poachers then captured him and took him to Dr. Edward. Dr. Edward questioned Terrance about his new invention. Although Terrance was grimacing in pain, he refused to give him any information.
Back at the village, the tribesmen and Michael had been searching everywhere for Terrance. One of the tribesmen decided to stealthily look in the windows of all of the village buildings. Eventually, he saw Terrance and the bad guys in one nondescript building.
The tribesman ran and got the rest of the tribe and Michael. They decided to swallow the protective shield pill to save Terrance.
As they approached, they were spotted. Gun fire erupted, but the shield protected them all and the bullets just bounced off of them. They rescued Terrance and he was exuberant as well as his new friends and Michael. The poachers and Dr. Edward were arrested.
Michael and Terrance had, had a very exciting trip. Even though Terrance was kidnapped, he feels his trip was a success. His invention of the protective shield has now proven to be helpful with protecting the villagers and animals from dangerous poachers. Terrance was so pleased with how well the protective shield pill worked, he felt comfortable sharing it with the people who protect us everyday, our police department as well as our firemen. He also discovered something important about himself. He had the ability to invent something that could protect those who can not protect themselves, to those men and women who protect us all.

Cody F
"The Magnificent Tortoise King"

On a small island, just off the coast of Puerto Rico, there was an unknown and unmarked village, older than time and stranger than fiction. Fascinating natural characteristics and breathtaking views just enhanced the villagers’ charming distinctiveness. It was a flawless island paradise, that was, until the lions came!
The villagers were almost all perfectly normal and perfectly happy by any standard means. However, they were all mice, except for Javier, the very old and very wise tortoise king. The mice loved and cherished Javier. Javier was their teacher, their mentor, their sage. He taught them, well, everything. In his daily lectures and debates at the local tikki bars, he spoke intelligently of the world and its workings. They were living the good life.
Years passed and the tortoise king and his faithful mice subjects conceived they were all alone on the Earth and Javier did nothing to tell them otherwise. One late afternoon, the tortoise king was sharing knowledge about the uses of folding chairs and tables, when they all heard a rustling in the nearby bushes. The mice thought it was just the breeze coming off the ocean, but Javier knew better for he had heard this noise before. He remembered years and years ago, the same noise, a different island, a different time and of course different subjects. He thought it couldn’t be, but it was! Lions!
Vehemently, the tortoise king broke into a frantic sprint, running circles, squares and even zigzags screaming about lions, lions, lions! By the time the crazed king stopped to take a breath, the lions had destroyed half of the beautiful tikki village. Meanwhile, the mice had not taken a step, frozen and pondering, not understanding the tortoise king’s panic. Of course never ever having seen a lion before, the mice looked at each other in shock. The king had never mentioned lions.
Then it became acutely apparent that the lions were not destroying the village, but searching the village and they were not looking for mice. For everyone knows that lions are allergic to mice. The panicked tortoise king eventually caught the eye of the vexed lions and realized what they had been looking for.
With valor, Javier pleaded with lions for his life, but soon he was gobbled up leaving some very confused mice and a much damaged tikki bar. Hence, the mice learned Javier’s final lesson about life. If you run into a pack of hungry lions in paradise, it is better to be a meek peasant mouse than a magnificent tortoise king!

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