Sunday, November 2, 2008

Check out my dog, Romeo, in his Halloween costume!

***I hope everyone had a fun, safe Halloween!
This week in language arts, we will be continuing the study of pronouns. We will be focusing on pronoun case, and indefinite, interrogative and demonstrative pronouns. I will also return the graded character sketch essays on Thursday.
In reading, we finished the novel, Monster with the final test on Friday. Students did very well throughout the unit, and did a nice job on Friday's challenging test. In their discussion question on the test, they were given the opportunity to act as a juror, and using information presented during the trial, determine whether or not they agreed with the verdict Steve received.......NOT GUILTY.
Our new unit in reading is MYTHOLOGY!! Students will be exposed to both Greek and Roman mythology, with an emphasis on the 12 Olympian gods. Click on the link below to get a quick overview of these interesting mythological characters.............
Here's to a good week!

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