Monday, November 10, 2008

What's happening in class?

***The week of November 10th -November 14th will be a busy one!

Currently in L.A., we are finishing up P.A. P.N. I.O. and D.O. The quiz on these grammar super stars will be on Wednesday!

On Wednesday as well, we will begin our third formal essay, the persuasive essay. Students will have the opportunity to choose their own topic of persuasion (no research is required) and convince a reader, through writing, to side with their opinion. Ahhhh........the art of persuasion......(Sample character sketches will be on display soon. Check them out later this week!)

In reading, we will be continuing our mythology unit. Students did a great job on their god and goddess quiz. Today we will be moving into our mythology packet, a collection of Greek myths made famous throughout history.

***Magazine book reports are due on Wednesday. Requirements and the rubric are listed below.....

***Enjoy your day off tomorrow in celebration of Veterans' Day. (My dad was in WWII) Take a minute to honor the brave men and women who have served in the military for us!

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