Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's happening in class?

The week of November 24th through 25th may be short, but it will be action packed!

In both L.A. and reading, we will be discussing and organizing for our 1960's debates. Students will be choosing among the three roles of CHARACTER, MODERATOR and REPORTER. Each role will play an important part in a successful debate.

Each student will receive a complete explanation of his or her role during the debate, including all expectations and requirements.

Additionally, students will be choosing one of 5 debate topics in which they will participate. The debate topics are listed below:

*The Vietnam War
*The Counter Culture
*The Women's Movement
*The 1968 Democratic Convention
*The Space Program

During social studies class, Mr. Safranski will be taking the students through the research process for the debates and the actual debates will be performed in L.A. class.

Each student's debate performance will be worth 100 points!!

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