Friday, November 7, 2008

Magazine book report information listed below!

Magazine Book Report

1. After reading your biography or autobiography, pretend that you are an interviewer, and interview the subject of your book. (If your subject is no longer alive, pretend that he/she is still living.) You will be asking your person 10 in-depth questions which can be answered using detailed information from your book. Based on your person's fame, you will choose an appropriate magazine in which this interview might be found. (Examples: movie star = People Magazine, athlete = Sports Illustrated, political figure = Newsweek or TIME, rock star = Rolling Stone Magazine, etc.)

2. Design a cover for your magazine. First, draw, by hand, a detailed picture of your person and color it. Next, use construction paper, colored markers, colored pencils, or your computer, and add other touches to make it look like an actual magazine cover.
Think about the examples I showed you in class, and remember: Make it colorful!!

3. Your interview must be in final draft form. Either type your questions and answers for your interview, or write them in black or blue pen.

4. This book report is worth 30 points and is due on Wednesday, November 12th.

Magazine Book Report Rubric:

Detailed, interesting, well written information 10 points __________
about the person

Neat, detailed, colored cover complete with picture 10 points __________
of person

Overall effort and creativity in the development of 10 points __________
the “magazine”

+ __________

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