Sunday, November 11, 2007

Character sketch #1

Adam T.
Character Sketch

He’s four feet and eleven inches tall. He has brown eyes and long brown hair. He is always wearing a Dale Earhart Jr. racing hat. He is my cousin David. He is a very kind and intelligent boy. My cousin David is the best.

David is one of the funniest people I know. Last summer when the song “Hey There Delilah” came out, David made a very funny parody of it. He sang it to my mom and I and we laughed so hard. He made it up when we were on vacation, so it made the trip whole lot more fun. One thing that makes me laugh is when he laughs out loud. One time when I slept over at his house we watched the movie Bad News Bears. It was my first time watching it. The beginning was already funny. When David started laughing, I was laughing the hardest I have ever done. I started to cry too because David’s laugh made me laugh even harder. Now I know every time I see David I will always laugh.

In addition to being funny, David is very nice. One time I was over at his house and we were hanging out with his friends. There was this one kid, Tyler, who was with us. Tyler called our friend Dylan fat right to his face. David told him to stop, but Tyler didn’t. Finally David told him to shut up and stuck up for Dylan. Then we all left Tyler. Another time, I was hanging out with David and his friends after their hockey game. Our parents were upstairs of the ice rink getting something to eat. We all decided to play a big game of tag around the ice rink. When we were done deciding who was “it”, someone said that we should ditch the kid that was it. David refused because he knew that would be mean. At that moment I realized how nice David is.

Not only is David nice, he is athletic. One sport that he and I both enjoy is ice hockey. He loves the game just as much as I do. He is always talking and asking how my team is doing. Since we never play each other, we go to each other’s games and root for each other. Another sport David plays a lot of in the summer is golf. He is in a league with his friends and play every Friday. One sport he just started playing is lacrosse. His friends and he joined together and they all love it. I have never been to one of his games, but he tells me he is good and scores a lot of goals.

David is the greatest. He is one of my favorite cousins. I love having him around because he is like a brother to me. I don’t know what I would do without him.

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