Sunday, November 11, 2007

Character sketch #3

Number One Grandma
Angela Z.

She’s about to turn 60, but doesn’t look it. She has five grandchildren. The oldest is fourteen years old and the youngest is six. She loves to cook and is very good at it. During the summer, she has many beautiful flowers around her house, but hates to take care of them. My grandma is the greatest grandma around.

My grandma is one of my biggest supporters. I remember one time when I had a softball tournament all the way in Orland Park on a hot summer day. My grandma said she wanted to come, so she drove there just to watch me play. Once we started to play, it was about twelve o’clock and ninety degrees outside. After about two hours, the game was in the last inning. She was still there cheering me on, even though we were getting slaughtered and she was sweating. Another time when my grandma was supportive, was when my sister had to go to the emergency room. We were on our way home from Michigan because my sister got whipped in the face with a tubing rope that had snapped. When we were about thirty minutes away from home, my mom called my grandma to tell her what had happened. My grandma said she would drive my mom and sister to the hospital since it would be around eleven o’clock when we got home. After we pulled in the driveway, there she was, driving down the street right behind us. When they were done with the appointment it was two o’clock in the morning, but my grandma was still wide awake when she drove them home.

Not only is my grandma very supportive, she is also the hardest working person I know. Every holiday during the year, my grandma has dinner at her house. She never allows any family member to help her out by making anything either. For example, last Christmas she started a week before Christmas making cookies. She made about ten dozen different cookies throughout the week. Then, on Christmas Eve, she spent the whole day making mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and jello, just to name a few things. On Christmas day, she then made ham and turkey. Another time I remember her being hardworking is when she had just opened her pool for the summer. Her pool was pretty green, so every day for about a week she spent a couple of hours working on the pool. She spent time putting different chemicals in the pool, vacuuming it, and cleaning the filter. Soon, it looked better than ever!

In addition to being hardworking my grandma is extremely generous. I remember one time when my grandma was driving me home from softball practice. I mentioned to my grandma that I was really hungry and I couldn’t wait to get home to eat. Then she asked me if I wanted to stop for Frosties. My grandma went inside to get them while I stayed in the car. When she came out, she had three Frosties in her hand. Not only did she buy one for me, but she bought one for my brother and sister also. I thought that was very generous of her. I remember another time when it was my thirteenth birthday. I really wanted a cell phone, but of course my parents said no because it was too expensive. My grandma knew I really wanted one, so she didn’t give up on the idea. Even though it was over one hundred and fifty dollars, she bought it for me, with my parents’ permission.

The greatest grandma around is my grandma. I know we will always be there for each other for the rest of our lives.

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