Sunday, November 11, 2007

Character sketch #4

Eric V.
We are with each other all the time. We watch football often, play catch in the backyard, and he will even help me with my homework. No matter what we do, we have a great time. I am very lucky to have a great father.

When I think of the word helpful, I think of my dad. One time I did not know how to do my math homework. I handed it to my dad to see if he knew how to do it. He looked at it, then looked at me and told me how to do it. Another time my dad and I were golfing in Jamaica and I wasn’t doing very well. I got very mad. He told me to calm down, keep my eye on the ball, and bring my feet together a little bit. I hit the ball and it went flying down the middle of the fairway. Then my caddy told me, “Good shot mon.”
I ended up following what my dad had told from then on, and I ended up golfing very well. Another time. I bragged to my dad about how I could beat him in ping-pong and how nobody could beat me. He challenged me to a game. I had never played my dad and I thought I would beat him 21-0, but he was been pretty good. Before I knew it, he had a 20-15 point lead. I could not believe that he was about to win. After he won, he taught me how to make the ping-pong ball curve left or right. After I knew how to do it, I told him that I could definitely beat him. We played again. He won 21-15, but he had told me I had gotten much better. No matter what I need help with, my dad is always there for me.

In addition to my dad being helpful, he is also very hard working. I remember one time about a year or two ago when we were remodeling are kitchen. We hired someone to come in to remodel it. Before that, my dad and I had to take every tile, every cabinet, and a lot of drywall out of are kitchen. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. I heard a loud, loud banging. My dad was hammering tile and taking them out. My dad told me to help him. We worked until about 10:00 in the morning, and at that time we were not even half way done with are work. I decided to go over to my friend’s house, and when I got back around 5:00, I looked in the kitchen, and my dad only had one more cabinet to take down. I couldn’t believe he worked the whole time while I was gone. My dad also works hard every day. Every morning he will get up at 4:30 am to drive to work, near Chicago. He doesn’t get home until after 5:00, yet, when my dad gets home, he still does work around the house. My whole life I have not heard one complaint from him.
Not only is my dad hardworking, but he is also a very positive guy. He will make every situation better. One time my family went on a vacation in California. We were driving to our hotel from the airport and we didn’t know how to get there. We all were getting kind of mad, but my dad never really got angry. He calmed everybody down and we eventually found our way to the hotel. Another time my grandma died. My mom cried for a really long time. My dad calmed her down and told her it would be ok. After a day or two, my mom didn’t cry anymore. Another time my family and I were at home, and our power went out. We were all hoping it would come back on right away. We waited and waited. Then we got a call from our electric company, ComEd. They told my dad that we wouldn’t have power for a day or two. Every one got mad, and thought, “What were we going to do without power?” Luckily my dad came up with great ideas. During the day, my dad and I went golfing, and during the night we made a bonfire. The next day my dad and I were working on our chipping in the backyard, and out of nowhere, we heard a loud ringing. our power was back on. It would have been a very boring couple of days without my dad.

I am very lucky to have a great father. I can count on him for everything. I cannot imagine my life without him.

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