Sunday, November 11, 2007

Character sketch #2

Michele J.
Per. 3-4
Amazing Aunt

My Aunt Jenny amazes me. She has a very hectic life, yet you’d never know it because she’s always so calm. She has 4 kids ranging in age from 2-14 years old, yet she always seems to find tome for her many nieces, of which I am proudly one. Jenny can brighten up any day and she’s always fun to be around. My Aunt Jenny is a great person.

My Aunt Jenny is very patient. She puts up with so much in one day. She has to figure out schedules, cook for 6, potty-train, help with homework, referee several matches of child wrestling, be my conformation sponsor, and keep her house at least semi-clean. She has to organize rides to dance class, karate sessions, soccer practice, and T-ball games. Once she picked me up to go to her house to play with my cousins. Five minutes after we got there, we were back in her car, off to karate class. I also remember that when I was little, she drove my cousin and me to dance class. I can’t think of anyone but her who can be fun and energetic while also being responsible.

In addition to being patient, My Aunt Jenny is very helpful. One time she helped me was learning to ride my bike. I was on my cousin’s bike which she didn’t know how to ride either. My aunt Jenny has a long driveway that has a dip in the middle that goes up just in time to be up on the street. She asked me if I trusted her and I told her that I did. So she sent me down the driveway, down the dip, and back up, turning just in time before I was on the street. I rode back to her with a huge smile on my face. She helped me ride on a two-wheeler! My mom was so proud of me and so was Jenny. That was a great day. Another time she helped me was recently, she agreed to be my sponsor for my conformation. A sponsor basically helps the person making their conformation. The day I asked her to be my sponsor was a great day. I remember being very nervous. If she said no, I’d be so embarrassed. But I knew she was the one I wanted to share this with, so I’d take the risk. I asked her if we could talk in private, and I took her into the hall. When I asked her, she was so happy. She was happy to help me! I swear, the whole room brightened up. And when I saw that she was happy, I couldn’t help but feel so good about my self because I brought her so much joy. I will never forget that. She almost cried tears of joy. I loved it.

As well as being helpful, Aunt Jenny is also outgoing. She can be so fun. I can’t believe how energetic she can be when she has the stress of 3 crazy kids and 1 bratty teen. I remember one time in her car that I won’t soon forget. My cousin Amanda and I were around 6, my sister Johanna was almost 5, and the Back Street Boys were hot! We were listening to one of my favorite songs, “I Want it That Way.” The sunroof was open, we were all belting out the lyrics, and we were having the time of our lives. At the best part of the song, my aunt turned it up very loud and we practically screamed, “Don’t wanna hear you!” Nothing could ever compare to that. Another time was less than half a year ago. Jenny thought that it might be fun to make a home cooked meal together, which I thought was crazy considering there were 7 of us, two of which were toddlers. We were all given a job to do. We made parmesan chicken, real parmesan chicken, not the stuff from the box. It was delicious. As the minutes went by, more people came. By the end of dinner, there were 17 people there. Even her neighbors who were on a bike ride stopped by unexpectedly, and Jenny just went along with it. I admire her for that.

My Aunt Jenny is amazing. She has always been there for me. She portrays so many important qualities that I would look for in a friend. I love her so much and I would never change her.

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