Friday, November 2, 2007

What's Happening in Class?

In language arts, we will be tackling our next part of speech, VERBS! (linking, action and helping)

I will also be returning graded final drafts of the character sketch essays on Tuesday, November 6th. Students will then be polishing their essays and giving them to their character sketch subjects as gifts.

In reading, we will be finishing the novel, The Outsiders.

Currently, Ponyboy is in denial. He doesn't want to face the pain of losing Johnny, seeing Dally killed and the possibility that he may be separated from his brothers. Will everything work out for Ponyboy? Stay tuned to find out!

***Students have done an excellent job during this unit of character analysis, problem solving, predicting and sequencing.

The final test on The Outsiders will be on Friday, November 9th!

***In Hombase, we will be discussing service project ideas, and planning what we can do throughout the year to show our support.

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